School Council


2016/2017 School Council Executive 

Chairperson- AnnaLee Bjornson

Vice Chair- Tara Johansen 

Secretary- Nicole Gardecki / Trina Keleman 

Food for Thought- Cheri Paulovich

KG rep- Debbie Perrier 

Gr.1 rep- Crystal Davies

Gr.2 rep- Barb Karpiak

Gr.3 rep- Cathy Wolf

Gr.4 rep-Christa Bailey

Gr.5 rep- Maria Wiebe

Gr.6 rep- Ashley Johnson / Andrea Pederson



Last Meeting's Minutes

Manning Elementary School Council

February 9, 2016, 6:30

MES Library


Attendance: Barb Karpiak, Deb Perrier, Wilma Gurtler, Darren Kuester, Kim Matheson, Laura Wuth, Melody Taylor, AnnaLee Bjornson, Trina Kelemen

  1. Called to order at 6:33 by AnnaLee
  2. Additions
    1. Public Health Promotions
    2. Our School Survey – preliminary results
  3. Previous Minutes
    1. January 12, 2017 – Accepted as presented
  4. Committee Reports
    1. Manning Elementary Enhancement Foundation – AnnaLee asked for clarification on the status of the upper playground equipment.  John Ruther is the divisional maintenance contact, who is currently busy with repairs/renovations at Dixonville School.
  5. Business Arising from the Minutes:
    1. Correction: Food for Thought will not be funding the Family Breakfast during the Parent’s Matter week as per committee decision
  6. Principal’s Report – presented by Kim Matheson
    1. School Information
      1. Apple a Day Program – is up and running.  We have received more sponsorship to further develop the program.  The Manning Community Health Center staff fund has donated $1500 to support the three Manning Schools, Dr. May has committed to purchasing one case of apples per school per month, Richardson Pioneer has generously donated $1000 to the MES program.  In addition to previous sponsorship, this means that we have 4 cases of apples coming every two weeks.  The grade six class has three apple ambassadors that deliver apples to classrooms each Monday, Wednesday and Friday until the apples run out.
      2. School lunches - we have supplied 14 lunches since our January meeting.  That is about on par with our year thus far.  Supplies are kept at school to ensure that there are items for students.  We are so fortunate to live in such a supportive community.
      3. From our donation from the Elks we have began to add to our collection of audio books.  We are still investigating tables for the library. 
      4. Parent Accountability Surveys – accountability surveys have been sent out and are trickling back it.  We encourage you to fill these out as your thoughts and opinions are valuable to us and will help to shape our planning for future years.  Grades 4, 5 and 6 classrooms have established incentive programs to help remind families of the importance of their participation. 
      5. Options were held on January 27.  It was an amazing day! There were 28 activities to chose from.  The committee worked hard to make this day run so smoothly.  We thank them, our volunteers and staff member for making this day possible! 
      6. Budget time begins at the end of January.  Staff have forwarded suggestions for budget priorities.  Are there any areas that you (parents) feel need more attention?  Items that need to be purchased to increase or maintain educational opportunities at MES?  (share time or forward ideas to Melody or Kim by month’s end)
      7. Youth Education Support Worker for MES, Paul Rowe and Dixonville – recruitment is still ongoing
      8. Junior ATB Program is on the go again (more info in grade six summary)
      9. Cargill Cares Grant – a couple of years ago I had applied for a grant from Cargill to assist with building up technology hardware at our school.  Two weeks ago we were contacted that we were the recipients of $5000 to upgrade our school ipads.
      10. MES will host a School Trustee visit on Tuesday, February 14.  Students and staff are excited to share the great things happening at Manning Elementary School.
    2. Hot Lunch Program
      1. We are really enjoying the hot lunch program!  Families, students and staff have given much positive feedback in the selection, price and quality of lunches.  Thank you Tara for organizing and Nicole and Ashley for rounding up volunteers.  We sure appreciate it! Comments have included the value for the money (ie. IGA wraps with wrap, fruit, vegetables and cheese for under $6)
    3. Parking Lot and Parking
      1. We continue to work on after school parking along the front of the school.
      2. The RCMP have come out a couple of times to help out and have spoken to some repeat parkers.
      3. The feedback that Kim has received is that if the pylons are not out, it is okay to park there.  She will continue using the pylons to deter parking.
      4. Suggestions are welcome!
      5. Divisional Electronics Recycling Roundup – more information to follow
    4. Academics, Athletics and the Arts
      1. Academics
        1. MES is summarizing the third round of the Reading Assessment Framework. We are looking at analyzing results and modifying/adjusting supporting strategies in place.  This is done using our Learning Coach time and during PLCs.  We were selected as a pilot school for the Reading Assessment Framework implementation. 
        2. Student completed the Our School (used to be Tell Them From Me) surveys.  Results just became available and will be shared at our February meeting.   These surveys also included the Accountability Survey questions.  Parents will be sent the Accountability Surveys by the beginning of February.  Watch for more details.
        3. We have some new volunteers at MES this term.  Two work experience students from Paul Rowe High School will be working in the grade one and three classrooms. 
        4. Guided Reading cycles – Division 1 next cycle begins in March. Division 2 is currently in a guided reading cycle.
    5. Athletics
      1. Intramurals for mini gym and mini sticks.  The Moose Hockey League begins on February 15.  The grade six class set up the tournament.  Our first week (this week) has been focused on skills building like passing, stick handling and shooting.  Mini stick participants are asked to be fully dressed – including ski pants, mitts and boots in order to play.  Safety first.  Grades four, five and six students met as a large group on Friday, February 3rd to review rule and expectations.  There was time for a question and answer period.  Teams will be shared tomorrow and we will meet to select our names and logos and begin the quest for the Moose Cup   
      2. Mini-gym continues and is a very popular program.  Kindergarten, grade one and two students take part.  Sometimes there are up to 50 students in the public portion of Mini Gym.  Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Hohner who volunteer their time for this program. 
      3. School skating bookings keep Jack at the arena hopping!  There are skates and helmets available at the school if needed.  Bicycle helmets will not be allowed on the ice.
      4. We have received a donation of a curling program similar to “Rocks and Rings” from the Manning Curling Club.  It is a floor curling program that introduces students to the sport.  A representative from the club will be by show us the ropes when their time permits.  Thank you to Brenda Asmussen for spearheading this!
    6. Arts
      1. Kindergarten will host their monthly assembly Friday, February 24th.  We look forward to seeing them perform.   
      2. We are looking to pair up with Paul Rowe High School for apply for an AFA grant for Trickster for the 2017-2018 school year.  Funding to that grant program has been reduced and we are hopeful that we will receive favorable consideration. 
      3. Music Program
        1. KG is an amazing class and will be performing with fiddles at their assembly
        2. Festival March 25 in Peace River for grades 2 and 3
        3. Festival date TBA in Peace River for grades 4, 5, 6
        4. March 19 – Tri School Band Fundraiser concert – Rosary – Orchestra and  KG to grade 6 classes, Silent Auction, door prizes
        5. Calgary Band Trip - April 25-29
          1. Networking and educational connections have been made with the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra
  7. Board Report  - Darren Kuester
    1. Meeting with minister March 3 tentatively
    2. Budget meeting held – principals budget meeting coming up
    3. Contact with the Alberta Foundation of the Arts has been made to lobby for government reinstatement of funding for programs like Trickster
    4. Pink Shirt Day – PRSD is designing new logo to be used on new Tshirts.
    5. Canada 150 – May 30 PRSD is celebrating the 150th day of Canada’s birthday.  To celebrate, O Canada will be sung division wide and connected digitally, somehow!  Wear red and white!
    6. Dixonville School – Yesterday classes were operational in the community hall.  Lots of smoke damage.  Cause is still under investigation.
    7. Centralization – Looking at centralizing all services in Grimshaw.  Grimshaw High School is the proposed location, once it becomes surplus after the new school opens.  Centralizing services will aid in efficiency towards serving families, staff and communities.  The current building is too small.  Tentative time line: decision to be made as soon as possible.
  8. Classroom Reports
    1. KG presented by Deb Perrier
      1. We had a fantastic Options Day at MES. The Kindergarten students were excited and I think everyone had a great day. Thank you to the many volunteers who helped make the day a success!  Our next Options Day will be in two years (yes Max you were right) so you have some time to think of an option that you or someone you know would like to offer next time!
      2. Our skating times continue to be enjoyed by all. We have had lots of help both on and off the ice which is much appreciated. We have one more time with our reading buddies, and one with the grade one class.
      3. We are busy practising for our assembly which always brings out both anticipation and anxiety!  It will be our first public performance with our fiddles, plus we have songs and poems. The date is Friday, February 24 at 12:40.
      4. Our first field trip is planned for Wednesday, February 8. We will tour the Post Office then stop in at the Town Library. The Kindergarten Valentine celebration will be on Monday, February 13.
      5. Coming up in March will be report cards and the Kindergarten Grandparent’s Tea.
    2. Grade One presented by Trina Kelemen
      1. Language Arts: We completed our second round of guided reading on January 26. This time of year in grade one is very rewarding because so many pieces are fitting together for reading to be successful!  Students were levelling up like crazy!  Our next intensive cycle of guided reading begins in March.  We are working on sight word recognition at the pre-primer level of the Dolch word list.  Our writing skills are progressing as we are building competency in writing more than one complete sentence on a topic.
      2. Math: Adding and subtracting from 20 has continued to be our focus in math.  We have been practicing the strategies of number lines, drawing pictures and using 10 frames.  We have recently started concentrating on numbers to 100 in anticipation of the 100th day of school on February 13. 
      3. Science: Creating color has been an interesting and fun unit, but it is time to move on! Our Five Senses will be introduced after the Family Day weekend.
      4. Social Studies: We finished off our community unit by choosing a special place in Manning and explaining why it is important.  The last component to this project was videotaping each other.  It was a blast! Grade one learned the vocabulary terms rural and urban and have been comparing and contrasting the two types of communities.
      5. Other Notes:
        1. We continue to go skating once every two weeks.  We are waiting for snow to snowshoe on …
        2. Stacy Doerksen is a grade 11 work experience student in our classroom this term.  She is amazing with the kids and students will benefit from her time with us!
        3. Options Day was FANTASTIC! Grade one students thought we should do it again the following Friday and are excited for Options when they are in grade 3.  There was a wonderful variety of sessions for the younger kids to choose from.
        4. Caitlin Goddard gave a comprehensive dental presentation.  Students gained valuable knowledge and were excited to share the contents of their goodie bag.
        5. We ventured out on the icy sidewalks and went for a Winter Walk February 1 around the arena and back.
    3. Grade Two presented by Barb Karpiak
      1. Language Arts: We just finished a guided reading cycle. The students have seen great improvement with their reading fluency/comprehension skills. We will soon be starting a novel study. We are continuing to work on our writing skills by focussing on sentence types, adjectives, and adding detail to our writing.
      2. Math: In math class we have started a unit on measurement. We’ll be spending some time measuring height, length, width, and weight using non-standard units of measurement.
      3. Science: We are continuing to look at hot and cold temperatures. We have been doing lots of experiments. We’re working to master our thermometer-reading skills.
      4. Social Studies: We just finished our unit on culture last week. We will be moving our focus to occupations and natural resources this week.
    4. Grade Three presented by Kim Matheson
      1. L.A. – We completed Round 2 of Guided Reading from grades 1 - 3 with a focus on common elements of a story such as character, setting, problem and solution in fiction books.
      2. We will be moving onto story writing learning about elaboration and developing the middle of a story using sentence openers and dress-ups in our writing.
      3. Math – we finished our unit on adding and subtracting 2 and 3-digit numbers to 1000; estimating sums and differences of 2-digit numerals; presently we are beginning to learn our multiplication facts to 5x5 and division related to the multiplication facts up to 5x5.
      4. Science – We are just completing the unit on Testing Materials and are now moving onto the unit, Building With a Variety of Materials.  Students will be involved in research using the internet to learn about different types of bridges and towers.  They will use a variety of materials to design and construct different structures. 
      5. Social- Students have finished learning about the culture and traditions within the 4 countries we are studying.  Next we will move onto services within the 4 countries. 
    5. Grade Four presented by Kim Matheson
      1. LA- Over the last couple of weeks Grade Four has continued to work on our Words Their Way and Remediation Plus spelling lists. Students work on individualized lists as well as a common list each week to improve their vocabulary. Students have been reviewing all things sentences and paragraphs over the last couple of weeks to enhance their writing skills. Our second Guided Reading session, short stories, has begun. Students from Grade Four are working on a variety of concepts including fluency, vocabulary, predictions and inferences during this session. Island of the Blue Dolphins will be our new classroom novel study starting after the Family Day weekend. In preparation for the novel we have been learning about story elements such as characters, setting and problem/solution.
      2. Math- Currently we are working on multiplication. We were very excited when we realized that patterns (our last unit) have a lot in common with multiplication. We have been exploring many strategies to make multiplication easier. The strategies we have covered include using number lines, 100 charts, and songs, skip counting, doubling and using arrays. Currently we have covered multiplication facts from 0-6. As we continue to learn we will explore concepts such as the commutative and distributive properties.
      3. Science- This month students demonstrated a practical understanding of wheels, gears and levers by constructing devices where energy was transferred to produce motion.  Students worked in small groups to create playground equipment using simple machines like gears, wheels, pulleys and levers. We also collected data in small groups by manipulating computer machines and recording the findings. Next we will use Lego to create efficient vehicles while learning about the scientific method.
      4. Social Studies- The new unit in Social Studies is “The Stories, Histories and People of Alberta”. Students have been demonstrating an understanding and appreciation for the role of stories, history and culture. They are starting to understand how those concepts strengthen communities and contribute to identity and a sense of belonging. Students learned about stone carvings which were used as First Nation communication tool. We also started to talk about settlers who traveled to Alberta and about the Fur Traders. 
      5. PE- Our January unit was Gymnastics. We learned the importance of balance and proper ways to fall. Another concept we learned about was jumping. Grade 3 and 4 students also participated in Winter Walk day.
      6. Art- Art projects over the last couple of weeks have included a Blue Guitar project inspired by Picasso. We also completed a tempera painted Winter Tree where we focused on shades. Finally we worked on a cool and warm coloured Valentine’s Day heart.
      7. Health- Our Roots of Empathy theme was sleep. Students learned about REM sleep, transitional items and the importance of sleep. In Health ¾ students completed a college where they included pictures of healthy items. Near the end of January we participated in a dental presentation. The highlight of the presentation was chewing a tablet to show germs. Students loved showing off their pink smiles. Another concept covered in health this past month was smoking. We discussed the health benefits of a person who does not smoke compared to a person who does smoke.  Students also created safe smoking shields. Each shield had a picture and some good advice to avoid smoking.
      8. Other Notes- Valentine’s Day parties are coming up. Like always, we continue to meet with our Grade Two reading buddies on Mondays. As a class we have been trying to challenge ourselves to read and record more.  We also enjoy reading assembles and family room meetings. 
    6. Grade Five presented by Kim Matheson
      1. READING –Students have just started their second cycle of guided reading groups, short stories.  They are focusing on a number of reading strategies such as fluency, synthesizing, inferring and critiquing.
      2. WRITING – Grade fives are continuing to make great strides in their writing. Entertaining beginning and elaborative details are being infused in paragraph writing through daily journal entries.
      3. MATH – Multiplication and Division – students demonstrate, with and without concrete materials, an understanding of multiplication and division.
      4. SCIENCE – We are in the early stages of our Electricity & Magnetism unit.  By the end of the unit students will be able to demonstrate safe methods for the study of magnetism and electricity through drawings and circuit building.
      5. SOCIAL STUDIES –The grade fives are currently engaged in their research of Canada’s First Nations people as part of Unit 2: Canada’s Diverse Heritage.
      6. HEALTH – The dangers of smoking is our highlight this month. Students designed t-shirts on the facts about smoking as well as calculated the high cost of cigarette smoking.
      7. Other news:
        1. A big thank you to Ms. Scarff, Mrs. Wolf & Mrs. Kamieniecki for volunteering on our Woodlot field trip.
        2. Students are doing a great job returning the ‘Alberta Education Survey’. The grade fives have returned 7 (out of 16 students) so far.  
    7. Grade Six presented by Kim Matheson
      1. Math – in math we are nearing the end of our unit on number concepts.  Students have finished up fractions, learned how to represent and find percentages, and are now working through multiples, factors, greatest common factors and lowest common multiples.  Next on the agenda are prime and composite numbers and prime factorization.
      2. Science – we completed our final assessment for the Sky Science unit today.  Students have begun to explore the world of Air and Aerodynamics and are working to define the properties of air.  This unit is very hands on and we are looking forward to many experiments.
      3. Social Studies – we finished up our Introducing the Lieutenant Governor critical challenge and have started learning about our MLA in our critical challenge entitled I’m Your MLA – Here’s My Card.
      4. Writing – we finished up our suspense unit and have started our developing plot unit. At the end of the unit students will be writing their own short stories with the characters and problems they have been developing.
      5. Reading – last week we started our second cycle of Guided Reading which is short stories. We are focusing on making inferences.
      6. The Junior ATB program is moving forward.  Students had to examine the roles in the Junior ATB, decide which one(s) they were interested in and complete an application.  The local branch manager, Mrs. Asmussen, came in last week and conducted interviews.  Employment offer letters were delivered this week and we have our first board meeting on February 15. Keep an eye out for deposit dates!
      7. Skating – we skated three times and had a blast!!! Students are working hard to earn an additional skating day. 
      8. MES MHL – the grade six class has taken upon the managing role for the Moose Hockey League. They have created practice drills for our first three days, assisted with scheduling, and will keep track of results to set up play off schedules.
  9. New Business
    1. 2017-18 Proposed School Calendar
      1. Concern over Christmas break
      2. Concern over no PD until mid-November
      3. Easter break (follows Good Friday) vs Spring break (a break in March and a long weekend over the Easter weekend)
      4. Suggestions for improvement, changes or any input you may have may be submitted to AnnaLee or you may provide feedback yourself to Chris Warne at or mail Peace  River School Division, 10018 – 101 Street, Peace River, AB. T8S 2A5
  10. Additions
    1. Public Health Promotion (Health and Stroke Foundation) – Tara
      1. Food marketing – awareness campaign to parents
    2. Our School Survey -  preliminary results
      1. Kim presented information from the grades 4-6 surveys