Hazard Awareness - Spotlight on Health and Safety

Hazard Awareness - Spotlight on Health and Safety

Spotlight on Health and Safety

What is a hazard? A hazard is anything that can cause injury or illness to people, or damage to property.

Every day we are aware of and assess hazards without realizing we’re doing it. It is like second nature. We check the temperature of the shower water before entering, wear a helmet while skiing, check our mirrors before backing out of a parking space, and lock the front door behind us.

Many times we disregard our awareness of increased hazard risks and act through emotion and desires. This is when a potential hazard turns into an incident. 

In all that you do, please be aware of possible dangers and make choices that keep you and those around you safe.  Do your best to prevent incidents by anticipating, evaluating and controlling hazards. When incidents occur in your workplace, community, school or home, use these experiences as teachable moments for yourself and those around you.  Hazard awareness and the response to potential danger is a very important life skill that helps to keep communities safe, happy and well.


By Kristy Shilka, PRSD Health & Safety Coordinator