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School Supply List

2021-2022 School Supply Lists





Grade 1:  4 notebooks (No coiled notebooks),   2 (1/2 ruled, 1/2 blank, interlined)

notebooks (No coiled notebooks), 8 multi colored duo tangs (red, blue, green, yellow,

orange, white, black & purple), 3 large glue sticks,  metal scissors, pencil crayons, coloring markers, white erasers, gym shoes (non marking soles),  2 pencil boxes or cases, book bag,

1 package of  pencils, 2 fine tipped dry erase markers, 1 box of Kleenex


Grade 2:  4 notebook—Hilroy 11 x 8.5 (No coiled notebooks),

2 notebook (1/2 ruled 1/2 blank, not interlined), 3 large glue sticks, good scissors,

pencil crayons, felt markers, wax crayons (small box), 10 pencils, 6 white erasers, gym shoes, pencil box, 8 multi-colored duo tangs (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, black, white &

purple), backpack, 2 boxes of Kleenex, 3 fine tip dry erase pens, 1 fine tip black Sharpie,  1pad of 3 x 3 Post-it notes, 1 bottle of white glue


Grade 3:  6 notebooks (No coiled notebooks), 30 cm ruler (not bendable), 12 pencils,

4 white erasers, gym shoes, 3 glue sticks, scissors, wax crayons, pencil crayons, pencil case,

8 duo tangs (red, green, orange, purple, blue, black, white & yellow), package of loose leaf paper,  1 dry erase pen, 1 box of Kleenex, white glue, 1 colored pen, felt markers,

1 pad of 3 x 3 Post-it notes


Grade 4:  6 notebooks—80 page minimum (No coiled notebooks), 8 multi-coloured duo tangs, 24 pencils, 6 white erasers,  scissors, pencil crayons, coloring markers, gym shoes,

4 glue sticks, 30 cm (with mm) ruler (not bendable), pencil case or box,  2 boxes of Kleenex,

4 small dry erase markers, 2 highlighters, 1 pad of post-it notes, 2 thin black Sharpie, 1 thick black Sharpie


Grade 5:  5 notebooks, 80 page minimum (No coiled notebooks) 10 multi-coloured duo tangs, 1 pack of loose-leaf paper, 12 pencils, 3 white erasers, blue & red pens, scissors, pencil crayons, coloring markers, gym shoes, 5 glue sticks, 30 cm ruler, 1 pencil case, 6 dry erase markers, 2 boxes Kleenex, 2 highlighters, 3 fine tip black sharpies,  1 bottle of white glue, basic calculator, 1 package of multi-colored Post-it notes,

2 crochet hooks (between 5 mm & 8 mm)


Grade 6:  4 notebooks, (No coiled notebooks) 8 duo tangs, 2 - 1” binders, pencils,

2 blue pens, 1 red pen, 3 fine tip dry erase felt pens, geometry set, scissors, pencil crayons,

felt markers, gym shoes, 2 glue sticks, 30 cm ruler, pencil case or box, basic calculator,

2 white erasers, wax crayons, 2 box of Kleenex, highlighters, white glue,

1 pad of 3 x 3 Post-it notes



Please mark all of your child’s supplies clearly with their name including their lunch kit, coats, mitts, etc.  This helps them to keep track of their belongings and saves you from

having to buy them again!